Friday 28 November 2014

How to Block Facebook Apps

Block Facebook Apps and Games I will give you a treat that is what my friend said and I decided to write this post .Facebook games and requests are really annoying sometimes  and I really see people frustrated by notifications . So I don't see why People post about in there Facebook Status .

Following the way given below you can easily Block all Facebook apps and that is as easy as A-B-C-D .

So just follow the steps given below -

So here we go .

Step 1 -  Click on what looks like a setting icon and then click on privacy settings as shown in the image below .
                                                    Privacy Settings Facebook

Step 2  - Click on Apps option as shown below .

Facebook Apps

Step 3 -  Under the Head Apps you use click on edit and just click on Turn off Platform .
Turn off Platform Facebook

But you should know that if you turn off the platform you will not able to log into websites using Facebook.Good point is no game requests from now on but websites might have your info and a easy way to remove is


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