Friday 28 November 2014

How to Delete a Facebook Account in 2 Minutes Instead of 14 Days

 Let us reveal yet again a secret trick of deleting any Facebook Account within 2 minutes .This method is as simple as abc and not similar to our previous post of deleting a Facebook Account  . If you are thinking 2 minutes . Yes indeed it is 2 Minutes or even less depending on your Internet Connection Speed .

So how was it reading the above secret Tricks on Facebook . So let us start with our post . It is indeed not a long post so I included the above secrets to make it a little interesting .

Requirements - 

  • 2-5 Facebook Ids 
  • And a good Internet Connection to actually make it 2 minutes .

See what we are going to do is marking the account we want to delete as Fake .
What happens when users report a Account as Fake ? When the user logs in  he is asked a warning whether he wants to delete his Facebook Account because it is against the community guidelines of Facebook . Just click okay and you are done your account is deleted .

Yes that was all . Do you want to know how I know this ? Read this short story

Class 11th was the time I was learning things and experimenting with Facebook Fake Ids for marketing . My class teacher was great and so was I . From the administrator account (Operating System- Windows XP) I took all the pictures of the teachers in our school . And I made Fake Account of my class teacher .(You should never do it because these are bad manners haha ) . I made the Email of that Facebook Account Public and my Class teacher knew who made the Account . Class Teacher contacted School Principal and yeah it was the time to end everything . It was the matter of ten minutes(After ten minutes -principal office) that I logged in and I was asked if I wanted to Delete his account . And yeah I clicked yes . 

Principal - What have you done ?

I - I don't know 
Principal - Logging in 
Me- Laughing in my Head
Principal - You just wait 
Me - Smiling Internally. Standing still and innocently .
Principal- Asks my Class Teacher to give the link of the profile again because it showed message like the link is broken or some one may have removed it .
Sir-Takes out his smart phone and it showed the same message .
Principal - Go back to your class.
Me - Thank you ma'am .

Hurried to my class to tell this amazing story to everyone . And they loved but my class teacher fired penalties on my Unit tests .

Remember - Say if you have more than 100 friends so you have to mark it fake from more than 10 Facebook Ids .

Hope so you enjoyed this new trick of deleting a Facebook Id . If you liked it consider sharing ii with your friends . It really helps !

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