Thursday 27 November 2014

How To Remove Adware on Facebook News Feed and Timeline

When you open your Facebook account as usual and suddenly you come across big banners of ads in your news feed or timeline, how do you feel? Isn’t that scary? This guide will tell you how to remove Adware on Facebook and the difference between the Adware and Facebook ads.
The ads which appear in the news feed or timeline which play sound or flash automatically are most probably Adware. Such adware are suspicious and a threat to your Facebook Account’s security.  They may steal your personal info, current location, professional details, interests, relationship details and other personal info shared on your Facebook account. When you see any such ad on Facebook news feed or timeline, remove the adware immediately and Do Not click the ad.
Now, you must be confused with the adware and the Facebook sponsored ads and sponsored 

Difference Between Facebook Ads, Sponsored Stories and Adware on Facebook:

Facebook ads appear on the right hand sidebar. According to Facebook’s official help center,
Facebook ads will never appear as banners in the top, center or left sidebar of Facebook web pages.
Facebook allows to share sponsored stories posted on Facebook pages to appear in the news feed but remember these are only posts not banners and not the ads which automatically play the video.
These adware appear due to the add – ons or tool bars you might have enabled on your browser. You might have come across extensions or plug-ins or apps which claim that they can change your Facebook theme or you can check who have viewed your profile. Facebook policies do not allow the users to know that who views their profile. So obviously, such apps are suspicious and can be a threat to security.  Some of the known adware programmes are, social, To know about all the known programs please click: Known Adware Programs.

Remove Adware on Facebook :

Simply disable the suspicious Add ons you have enabled on your browser and get rid of annoying adware on your Facebook timeline or news feed or even on PC.
For Google Chrome :
Windows –> On the right hand side click on Customize and Control Google Chrome –> Tools –> Extensions –> Remove Suspicious Extensions.
For Safari :
Windows –> On the Right Hand side click on Display a menu of general Safari Settings–> Preferences –> Extensions –> Uninstall
For Mozilla FireFox :
Windows –> Tools –> Add ons –> Extensions –> Remove
For Internet Explorer:
Windows –> Tools –> Manage Add on s –> Toolbars and Extensions –> Remove
Also remove all the suspicious Apps from your Facebook account.
Facebook Security Center has shown the guidelines on how to get rid from  the Adware on Facebook in the video Remove Adware from Computer.
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