Friday 28 November 2014

Secret of Anonymous

Anonymous-a group that fascinates every one by its name and to the community of Hackers it is the dream to actually contribute to their objective.

To all those who don’t know some facts and secrets about them here are some of them from the word go.
Logo of Anonymous

1. Hackers who are activist and thus came a term that went wild like a fire Hacktivist. A Hacktivist is a person who uses his Hacking skills for social issues and that is what they did .

2. The word anonymous means identity is unknown but this crazy idea of serving the mankind with a skill was started by people who were tired of the system and its policies . And all they wanted was justice and freedom to information .

3. The group has no leader and to see it from a point everyone is a leader .

4. Do you think these are bunch of people. Anonymous is a group which has people from all around the world .

5. From above point it might seem like what if even one of them breaks the trust or reveals there plans. Here is the answer the people never meet each other . And when ever they plan anything the so called white justice already know it . But still they are helpless about it .

6. How do they communicate ? Ever heard of something like Anonymous chat forums ?
People say that these forums are used to spread hate speeches but all they emphasize is on Negative things . These forums are used to communicate with people at the beginning of the operations the information used was a combination of Steganography .

7. Government of any country can never stop them because anonymous is just  not a group it is idea , A idea to fight from the injustice ,  a idea that has common goal 
You can imprison people but you can never imprison ideas. 

8. People were even caught and the tired justice could do nothing but to reveal the information mentioned above .

9. They even tried communicating via You-Tube videos but there rights were violated and the videos were deleted without there permission. Since communication and ideas were just not limited to Videos the information indeed spread through other means.

10. Wide scraping of Emails is one thing that people are still not aware of . Emails were scraped and people were    send Emails to just spread awareness.

11. Software to comment over million blogs in a minute is a thing that spread the most awareness . Even more then the Email Campaign.

See who likes you on Facebook

Hi guys seems like me posting after a year. Even a week's gap made me so anxious, well sorry again readers but today I am here with a really cool thing and I am sure you really going to love it.

There is a very cool app named TWRL on Facebook which allows users to like photos and they get notified  if someone likes there picture back so that's like playing safe. Users of whom you are liking the pictures of will never know until they like you back.

So all you have to do is click on TWRL. As you can see in the image below click on get started.

A app confirmation message will be displayed click on okay and you are done as shown in the image below.

Now if you are really getting bored on Facebook then you must try it. After following the steps above you can start liking images . And people who love making friends its quite cool for them .

Also remember to logout or if anyone opens his/her account and opens twrl then also your image will be displayed. There is a option at the bottom of the post named logout.

So here we come to the end of our post any suggestions are just a comment away .

How to Block Facebook Apps

Block Facebook Apps and Games I will give you a treat that is what my friend said and I decided to write this post .Facebook games and requests are really annoying sometimes  and I really see people frustrated by notifications . So I don't see why People post about in there Facebook Status .

Following the way given below you can easily Block all Facebook apps and that is as easy as A-B-C-D .

So just follow the steps given below -

So here we go .

Step 1 -  Click on what looks like a setting icon and then click on privacy settings as shown in the image below .
                                                    Privacy Settings Facebook

Step 2  - Click on Apps option as shown below .

Facebook Apps

Step 3 -  Under the Head Apps you use click on edit and just click on Turn off Platform .
Turn off Platform Facebook

But you should know that if you turn off the platform you will not able to log into websites using Facebook.Good point is no game requests from now on but websites might have your info and a easy way to remove is

How to Delete a Facebook Account in 2 Minutes Instead of 14 Days

 Let us reveal yet again a secret trick of deleting any Facebook Account within 2 minutes .This method is as simple as abc and not similar to our previous post of deleting a Facebook Account  . If you are thinking 2 minutes . Yes indeed it is 2 Minutes or even less depending on your Internet Connection Speed .

So how was it reading the above secret Tricks on Facebook . So let us start with our post . It is indeed not a long post so I included the above secrets to make it a little interesting .

Requirements - 

  • 2-5 Facebook Ids 
  • And a good Internet Connection to actually make it 2 minutes .

See what we are going to do is marking the account we want to delete as Fake .
What happens when users report a Account as Fake ? When the user logs in  he is asked a warning whether he wants to delete his Facebook Account because it is against the community guidelines of Facebook . Just click okay and you are done your account is deleted .

Yes that was all . Do you want to know how I know this ? Read this short story

Class 11th was the time I was learning things and experimenting with Facebook Fake Ids for marketing . My class teacher was great and so was I . From the administrator account (Operating System- Windows XP) I took all the pictures of the teachers in our school . And I made Fake Account of my class teacher .(You should never do it because these are bad manners haha ) . I made the Email of that Facebook Account Public and my Class teacher knew who made the Account . Class Teacher contacted School Principal and yeah it was the time to end everything . It was the matter of ten minutes(After ten minutes -principal office) that I logged in and I was asked if I wanted to Delete his account . And yeah I clicked yes . 

Principal - What have you done ?

I - I don't know 
Principal - Logging in 
Me- Laughing in my Head
Principal - You just wait 
Me - Smiling Internally. Standing still and innocently .
Principal- Asks my Class Teacher to give the link of the profile again because it showed message like the link is broken or some one may have removed it .
Sir-Takes out his smart phone and it showed the same message .
Principal - Go back to your class.
Me - Thank you ma'am .

Hurried to my class to tell this amazing story to everyone . And they loved but my class teacher fired penalties on my Unit tests .

Remember - Say if you have more than 100 friends so you have to mark it fake from more than 10 Facebook Ids .

Hope so you enjoyed this new trick of deleting a Facebook Id . If you liked it consider sharing ii with your friends . It really helps !

All your views are highly appreciated in our comment section below .

9 Ways To Verify if an Email is Fake or Real

Sometimes it is hard to find whether a Email is Fake or Real with people using and sending a Fake Email right into the Inbox . So ever imagined inspite of trusting spam filters in email providers how can we know whether a Email is Fake Or Real .

So here we are with our list

1. Command Prompt- Telnet 

For using this way you will have to Activate Telnet in Windows or if you don't want to activate Telnet And you are also a Non windows User just download PuTTy .

Step 1 - Open Command Prompt and type in

                                 nslookup –type=mx
Verify Email is Fake or Real,nslookup –type=mx

Step 2 - Right Click and mark

Verify Email id Fake or Real,

Step 3- Type in and press Enter . (Paste the above marked )
                                telnet 25
Verify Email is Fake or Real,telnet 25

Step 4 - Say Helo to the server  . at your service,verify email is fake or real

Step 5 - Just write any Email Id . It can be yours to
                                  mail from:

Step 6 - Type the recipient Email Address you are trying to verify

                           rcpt to:

You can get many things like Syntax error, The account you tried to reach does not exist or is disabled .
In the image in step 5 I tried it with three ids two of which results were positive . and . The one which had a negative result was .

2. Network-Tools

I promise you will be fascinated by the tools that this website has including Email Tests it has many collection of online tools that fascinated me on the go .
Verify email is Fake or Real


Including free email verification they also have

  • Email Autoresponder
  •  Free Bulk Mailer(Google Analytics Friendly)
  • Email Verifier 
  • Email Verifier Lite 


It even gives you a detailed exact report in no time . Just check out the image below .
Verify Email is Fake or Real

It just tells if an email is fake or real .No other stats but if you have to receive extra information like email is disposable or not or any sort of thing then you have to pay them .This website even has the option to bulk verify only if you are a paid member .

This site can give a very detailed and exact information about the webmail services . Like I used And was astonished to see the result because it was quite accurate .And I tried it with many webmail addresses .

It even tells simply whether a mail is fake or not and when you click on info it shows a little useful 
information .

All things appear to be same but view email owner seems to be a little scam or fake .

9. Common Sense 

This is the thing I always wanted everyone to be aware of . You should know that if you have a Email from your friend it can be spam . Don't get surprised if it lands right into your inbox . There are many services that indeed allow you to send a Email directly into the Inbox. So this way even Fake Sender becomes real .
So just be aware of the fact that anyone can be the victim . It can be you . Any one can be Social Engineered 

Never ever reveal anything on Emails unless you have sufficient checks on it . Stay Safe !

Final Words 

Some posts really take some time and to be honest this is the one of them. Well I really treat my blog as my girl friend so I really Enjoy researching and posting because I love exploring while researching.

So guys I really hope now its easy to find whether a Email is Fake or Real .

If you find this article useful kindly share it with three of your friends . 

Thursday 27 November 2014

How to Easily Remove RAR Password-Two Methods

A RAR archive file can compress multiple files into one, which is well-done for ease of transport. So when you need to send some files to your clients, colleagues and friends, WinRAR can be one of the best choice to compress these files. In addition, you can also create a RAR password so that no unauthorized person can access the archive’s contents. But the only problem is that how to access into the RAR archives if you forgot WinRAR or RAR password? Is there any way to remove WinRAR password? There are two methods are available for removing RAR password.

Method 1: Remove WinRAR Password for None-password Protection

Sometimes, a password-protect RAR files can be too much hassle and need to be removed. So, if you know the password, you can remove it and then create a new archive file without a password. Below is the step-by-step guide:
  • Step 1: Open the WinRAR software utility and right click on the RAR file that has the password you want to remove. Select Extract Files from the list of options.
Remove RAR Password
  • Step 2: Click the RAR file’s password in the window that appears and click OK.
  • Step 3: Click OK button from the bottom of the next window that appears. This will extract the archive’s contents into a folder in the same directory that the RAR file is in.Remove RAR Password
  • Step 4: Right click on the new folder and select Add to Archive. This tells WinRAR that you want to take the files in the folder and place them in a new RAR file.
  • Step 5: Click the OK option in the window that appears. The files in the folder then will be added to a RAR file. Now you have successfully removed WinRAR password. When WinRAR finishes creating the archive file, you can access it without password protection.

Method Two : Remove WinRAR Password for Solving Password Forgotten Issue

In fact, you can still have the opportunity to remove RAR password with a RAR password remover if you forgot the RAR password to access into . There are various RAR password removers and RAR Password Unlocker is proved to be a helpful tool for users to recover forgotten RAR password with 3 efficient options for RAR password recovery. Moreover, it can accelerate the password recovery speed significantly by using advanced search algorithm, multiple-core CPUs and NVIDIA-GPU acceleration. Following is a simple guide to remove RAR password.
  • Step 1: Download and install RAR password Unlocker By Clicking here
  • Step 2: Run the program, and then click Open to import your locked RAR file
  • Step 3: Select attack type, and then click Start to remove RAR password
This RAR password remover software provides 3 different attack for you to remove RAR password: Brute-force Attack, Brute-force with Mask Attack and Dictionary Attack.Remove RAR Password
Option 1: Select Brute-force Attack
Brute Force Attack simply tries to guess the password by trying every single combination of characters until the password is found. So it is the most time-consuming method. If you have no idea on your forgotten RAR password, you can select this option and do as follows:
  • 1. Click Recovery in the task bar, and then select Brute-force Attack.
  • 2. Click Start button to remove RAR password.
Option 2: Select Brute-force with Mask Attack
This option is actually a variation from Brute-force Attack, which is more practical to remove the password. With Brute-force with Mask Attack, you can greatly reduce the recovery time by specifying the forgotten password length, characters, etc. If you already know some characters in the password, this attack can be your most suitable choice to do so.
  • 1. Click Recovery in the task bar, and then select Brute-force with mask Attack.
  • 2. Click Brute-force in the task bar, and set password length, character type and others if you remember.
  • 3. Click Start button to remove RAR password.
Option 3: Select Dictionary Attack
Dictionary Attack allows you to remove RAR password according to default dictionary of the program. Besides, you can add your own dictionary to the program in order to shorten the RAR password recovery time.
  • 1. Click Recovery in the task bar, and then select Dictionary Attack.
  • 2. Click Dictionary in the task bar, and make settings for dictionary Attack.
  • 3. Click Start button to remove RAR password.
When you forget RAR password, you can select one of the attack types to help you remove RAR password. The trial version of this RAR password remover can help you remove RAR password within 3 characters. So you can evaluate the RAR password remover before you make your decision.

How to Know Who Visited your Facebook Profile

Everyone want to know who viewed my facebook profile. I have seen many people use third party tools to track but they doesn’t provide appropriate results but just spams on their Facebook Wall’s.

So Here in this post, I’m going to share a amazing facebook trick that will help you to find out your facebook profile visitor.

Read Bellow steps to know Facebook Profile Visitor Stats. Don’t want to read, watch bellow video.

Login to your facebook account, and go to your timeline. ie.
Right click on your facebook timeline and hit “View page Source”.
Now, you’ll be redirected to a new page with lots codes.
Hold CTRL+F on your keyboard, a text box appears at the right corner, in that box, type- “InitialChatFriendsList” (Don’t include Quotes)
Next to “InitialChatFriendsList”, you’ll see a list of numbers, these are the profile ID’s of people who visit your timeline.
Now open new tab and go to “” and paste the ID number after . For example, if the ID is abcd, you have to put it

How To Remove Adware on Facebook News Feed and Timeline

When you open your Facebook account as usual and suddenly you come across big banners of ads in your news feed or timeline, how do you feel? Isn’t that scary? This guide will tell you how to remove Adware on Facebook and the difference between the Adware and Facebook ads.
The ads which appear in the news feed or timeline which play sound or flash automatically are most probably Adware. Such adware are suspicious and a threat to your Facebook Account’s security.  They may steal your personal info, current location, professional details, interests, relationship details and other personal info shared on your Facebook account. When you see any such ad on Facebook news feed or timeline, remove the adware immediately and Do Not click the ad.
Now, you must be confused with the adware and the Facebook sponsored ads and sponsored 

Difference Between Facebook Ads, Sponsored Stories and Adware on Facebook:

Facebook ads appear on the right hand sidebar. According to Facebook’s official help center,
Facebook ads will never appear as banners in the top, center or left sidebar of Facebook web pages.
Facebook allows to share sponsored stories posted on Facebook pages to appear in the news feed but remember these are only posts not banners and not the ads which automatically play the video.
These adware appear due to the add – ons or tool bars you might have enabled on your browser. You might have come across extensions or plug-ins or apps which claim that they can change your Facebook theme or you can check who have viewed your profile. Facebook policies do not allow the users to know that who views their profile. So obviously, such apps are suspicious and can be a threat to security.  Some of the known adware programmes are, social, To know about all the known programs please click: Known Adware Programs.

Remove Adware on Facebook :

Simply disable the suspicious Add ons you have enabled on your browser and get rid of annoying adware on your Facebook timeline or news feed or even on PC.
For Google Chrome :
Windows –> On the right hand side click on Customize and Control Google Chrome –> Tools –> Extensions –> Remove Suspicious Extensions.
For Safari :
Windows –> On the Right Hand side click on Display a menu of general Safari Settings–> Preferences –> Extensions –> Uninstall
For Mozilla FireFox :
Windows –> Tools –> Add ons –> Extensions –> Remove
For Internet Explorer:
Windows –> Tools –> Manage Add on s –> Toolbars and Extensions –> Remove
Also remove all the suspicious Apps from your Facebook account.
Facebook Security Center has shown the guidelines on how to get rid from  the Adware on Facebook in the video Remove Adware from Computer.
If you find this article useful,please share your views>>>

Wednesday 26 November 2014

Hide Last Seen/Online Status features in Whatsapp

Today i am talking about how to hide Last Seen/Online Status features in whatsapp. Whatsapp is a messing application which allows to send and recieve messages, images, audio clips, videos clips etc quickly at free of cost. You may also like this how to download and run whatsapp on pc. Apple user use this whatsapp app for lifetime but   android user have only one year subscription but don’t worry use this trick to make whatsapp lifetime for free. Previously, I shared more whatsapp tricks go whatsapp category. Today, I shared very cool trick for whatsapp, how to hide Last Seen/Online Status features in whatsapp. Many users want to hide Last Seen/Online Status in whatsapp. So follow simple steps to hide Last Seen/Online Status in whatsapp app.
How to Hide Last Seen/Online Status features in Whatsapp :
1. First of all, you need to Open whatsapp app in your iPhone.
2. Go to whatsapp Settings.
3. Now go Chat Settings > Advanced > Last Seen Timestamp Off 
4. Now this feature take 24 hours to effect, also take 24 hours to toggle it back. After that no one trace your  last seen time. If you are online that it appear as Online.
5. Now if want to hide Online Status, follow simple steps
When you open whatsapp your online time is saved by app, and it appears your whatsapp profile to your friends or other user account, So basically you need to do following,
  • First you want to Disable your Data or any other internet connection
  • Now Open whatsapp app and read message.
  • Now Exit whasapp app completely
  • Enable your Data or any other internet connection.
Now your Last Seen is not updated, Enjoy

Tuesday 25 November 2014

How to Lock any “file and folder” without any software

Lock Folder

You are looking to protect your file or folder any how any cost, don’t worry, in this article I’m going to show you how locks any file or folder using without any software. Here I will show you how to protect your file or folder, just follow these simple steps below:

At first open notepad by using “win-key + R”, that means open run and type notepad into the box and press enter or open any text editor. Then copy & paste the following code below and save it “ .bat ” file extension,example for “lock.bat”, whereas the lock is given name and .bat is the file extension. Then go to your save location and double click to run it, now you should see a command prompt where need a password to open the locker. Your password is “mypassword”, you can change your password any time when you want to change.

Open notepad or any text editor.
Blank Notepad

Copy this code:
title Folder Locker
if EXIST "Control Panel.{21EC2020-3AEA-1069-A2DD-08002B30309D}" goto UNLOCK
echo Are you sure u want to Lock the folder(Y/N)
set/p "cho=>"
if %cho%==Y goto LOCK
if %cho%==y goto LOCK
if %cho%==n goto END
if %cho%==N goto END
echo Invalid choice.
ren Locker "Control Panel.{21EC2020-3AEA-1069-A2DD-08002B30309D}"
attrib +h +s "Control Panel.{21EC2020-3AEA-1069-A2DD-08002B30309D}"
echo Folder locked
goto End
echo Enter password to Unlock folder
set/p "pass=>"
if NOT %pass%==mypassword goto FAIL
attrib -h -s "Control Panel.{21EC2020-3AEA-1069-A2DD-08002B30309D}"
ren "Control Panel.{21EC2020-3AEA-1069-A2DD-08002B30309D}" Locker
echo Folder Unlocked successfully
goto End
echo Invalid password
goto end
md Locker
echo Locker created successfully
goto End

Paste into the notepad

Save it lock.bat extension
Lock.bat & Locker

Now go to your save location and double click to run your “ lock.bat ” file. Then open a command prompt window, here need for a password to unlock. Now you must see a “ Locker” folder on your save location. Your default Password is “mypassword”.
Changing Password

Note :-- If you want to change your password, then Right click your lock.bat file extension then click edit and find “mypassword” to change your password, then replace your password to “mypassword”. Example for any name, phone no. etc.
              You can create this locker any drive or folder. That’s it. Enjoy……..@@@