Friday 28 November 2014

9 Ways To Verify if an Email is Fake or Real

Sometimes it is hard to find whether a Email is Fake or Real with people using and sending a Fake Email right into the Inbox . So ever imagined inspite of trusting spam filters in email providers how can we know whether a Email is Fake Or Real .

So here we are with our list

1. Command Prompt- Telnet 

For using this way you will have to Activate Telnet in Windows or if you don't want to activate Telnet And you are also a Non windows User just download PuTTy .

Step 1 - Open Command Prompt and type in

                                 nslookup –type=mx
Verify Email is Fake or Real,nslookup –type=mx

Step 2 - Right Click and mark

Verify Email id Fake or Real,

Step 3- Type in and press Enter . (Paste the above marked )
                                telnet 25
Verify Email is Fake or Real,telnet 25

Step 4 - Say Helo to the server  . at your service,verify email is fake or real

Step 5 - Just write any Email Id . It can be yours to
                                  mail from:

Step 6 - Type the recipient Email Address you are trying to verify

                           rcpt to:

You can get many things like Syntax error, The account you tried to reach does not exist or is disabled .
In the image in step 5 I tried it with three ids two of which results were positive . and . The one which had a negative result was .

2. Network-Tools

I promise you will be fascinated by the tools that this website has including Email Tests it has many collection of online tools that fascinated me on the go .
Verify email is Fake or Real


Including free email verification they also have

  • Email Autoresponder
  •  Free Bulk Mailer(Google Analytics Friendly)
  • Email Verifier 
  • Email Verifier Lite 


It even gives you a detailed exact report in no time . Just check out the image below .
Verify Email is Fake or Real

It just tells if an email is fake or real .No other stats but if you have to receive extra information like email is disposable or not or any sort of thing then you have to pay them .This website even has the option to bulk verify only if you are a paid member .

This site can give a very detailed and exact information about the webmail services . Like I used And was astonished to see the result because it was quite accurate .And I tried it with many webmail addresses .

It even tells simply whether a mail is fake or not and when you click on info it shows a little useful 
information .

All things appear to be same but view email owner seems to be a little scam or fake .

9. Common Sense 

This is the thing I always wanted everyone to be aware of . You should know that if you have a Email from your friend it can be spam . Don't get surprised if it lands right into your inbox . There are many services that indeed allow you to send a Email directly into the Inbox. So this way even Fake Sender becomes real .
So just be aware of the fact that anyone can be the victim . It can be you . Any one can be Social Engineered 

Never ever reveal anything on Emails unless you have sufficient checks on it . Stay Safe !

Final Words 

Some posts really take some time and to be honest this is the one of them. Well I really treat my blog as my girl friend so I really Enjoy researching and posting because I love exploring while researching.

So guys I really hope now its easy to find whether a Email is Fake or Real .

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